Why Opt for Digital Marketing?

Digital is something everywhere ….our world is digital and this era is digital…that’s what happened with marketing and now the marketing has gone digital.

In this post I am going to talk about the reason of adopting digital Marketing ..so here we go..

  1. Less time consuming along with large audiences
  2. More affordable
  3. Easy tracking and recording of data
  4. Clear visionary
  5. Out from human related issues.

Here I am describing these is details:

  1. Less time consuming along with large audiences :

Let’s assume we have a product suitable for foreign market , which means our target market is a foreign country where we need to market our product.

Now to market this through traditional marketing options think about the costing…WHOAAA….really costly and then there is keep increasing coast involved to market the product further…Solution?? Yes….Digital marketing….It will take just a moment to display advertisement at any location of world….ancient people called it magic…but we call it Digital Marketing.

  1. More Affordable:

No my friend Digital marketing is serious and not for free….You have to invest an ample amount to get most out of it…But…it is affordable…much and more affordable compared to traditional marketing.

  1. Easy tracking and recording of data:

On a fine day ..You must want to check if your marketing campaign is beneficial for you or not…checking the status of traditional marketing is tedious and real time consuming task….and there is no surety that the analysed data is correct.

However through DM it is 100% possible to track anything, any-time and anywhere.

  1. Clear visionary:

As the data availability for tracking purpose is always available or easily available so visionary status is positive and long term planning is possible.

  1. Out from human related issues:

Ohk..so what marketing people are doing when they are on field…Of-course marketing work…can you track it? No…And what if your market executive is switching to another organization or suffering from a serious disease ….Chances of drop in marketing strategic target is quite possible…

However as DM is actually a digital marketing method with no or very less human intervention so no need to worry about human related issues.


Digital marketing is still in its very initial phase…A way more to go…and long to go…

Share your questions or feedbacks ..lets grow in the era of Digital with Digital Marketing…


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  1. Kaedn said:

    You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arslciet.

    June 15, 2017

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