5 Pro Tips for Successful E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing involves sending a commercial or marketing message to a predefined audience that is your target audience using Email. In short it could be understood as every single email that is being sent to a potential or existing customer. Nevertheless, you know that your strategy must engage your audience throughout multiple channels. Email is considered to be forty times more effective when it comes to acquisition of new customers as compared to Facebook or Twitter, it must be noted that the email is not being ignored.

E-Mail Marketing

In this blog we have covered 6 major strategies to run an email marketing campaign successfully.

1. Fragmentation

According to a survey, marketers have seen an increase of 760% in the revenue generated from emails fragmented campaigns. You can start with basic segmentation by splitting your active and inactive subscribers. This thing would ensure the best possible deliverability of messages and also you can send two different messages to the two different groups. A short simple line would trigger the emotions such as ‘You’re being missed’ and it can re-engage your inactive customer segment. Once this gets completed, you can now dig deeper into the fragmentation attributes such as gender, age, browsing activity and purchase history.

2. A Feel of Personalization

Personalization is something everyone loves. It is a key element in successful email marketing campaign. You can put the subscriber’s first name in the subject section or body section of email or something a little more decent such as suggesting the customer on the basis of their previous purchase or browsing history. A study reveals that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to get opened. You must keep an eye on your data and analyse what works best for you. If you’re personalized emails receive a higher open rate than you must make it a permanent key factor in your email marketing campaign.

3. Audience Re-Engagement

One of the finest known strategy is to target the inactive subscribers segment with a pre-       planned re-engagement campaign. This campaign will slowly ramp up the re-targeting campaign and will avoid the risk of being blacklisted and simultaneously it will re-activate your subscribers and generate a database in short time for bigger conversion rates. We recommend sending the same email to both active and inactive list with a different subject line and introductory paragraph in it. This trick will keep your emails relevant to their target audience and involve a little tweak to be more personalized to the different segments. At the end of a few weeks when you have successfully engaged your subscribers, we hope that a few subscribers will shift to your active list.

4. Re-Sending the previous mails

This is yet another strategy that will give you leads. You can resend the emails to those who haven’t seen it yet since your campaign started. If you send a daily mail to your customers than you must wait at for a few hours and check through a query whether your subscribers have opened the mail or not. Make a list of these email addresses and re-send the email but with a different subject line, email body can remain the same and you should target the customers who prefer to see their emails at a later time. Even if by chance they will see your earlier email, the subject line would be different so no worries.

5. Smartphone Optimization

This is the foremost thing that you need pay attention to. Smartphone these days have become an integral part of human life. According to a report 73% of the emails are now opened on smartphones and tablets and remaining 27% are seen on desktop and laptops. So it is recommended to make your email design responsive. The high rate of emails being read on smartphones has concerned the designers to make it responsive. Non-responsive email design will certainly lead to higher unsubscribe/spam rates and insist your consumers to stop interacting with your brand. So you must ensure a mobile friendly user experience for your customers so that your conversion rate consistently keeps increasing.

We believe that these tips will surely help you in running a successful Email marketing campaign. And if you would like to get updated with latest IT trends than keep visiting our website.

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